Thursday, June 21, 2007

Broken Window

While workers covering the balcony to stop flooding in the apartment downstairs, they broke a Plexiglas window and did not tell me about it.

As you can see, in order to put the black rubber mat on my balcony (photo DSN4780), they probably had to move the mounts for the air conditioner. As you can see in DSN4781 there is a plexiglas glued to the window above the air conditioner. When they moved the air conditioner mounts, they broke the seal for the plexiglas.

And on the other side of the window DSN4782 is my HDTV and stereo equipment. If I had not called Christian to fix the window, the forecasted rain would have ruined much of that equipment.

It was an emergency since I was going to a meeting and the forecast was for heavy rain wihch would have much damage.

Peter denied that he broke the plexiglas and that he lifted my airconditioner without moving the plexiglas.

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