Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Flooding in Closet January 25th 2007 to present

On January 25th I found the Closet had water leaking from ceiling damaging clothing, walls and floor. I reported this to Christian and he fixed it.

On April 14th water leaked again. Christian supposedly fixed it

May 16th, water leaked in again. Christian called in Peter and patched it

June 1 Water leaked again.

June 8th Registered mail sent to Caroline

July 5th Yet another flood in the closet

July 11th Christian will clean the closet wall - mold is forming

August 9th Turek told me Engineers have found the problem and it will not flood again. They did not want to finish plastering and painting until they were sure . The did clean the mold on Aug 10

August 15th Peter refused to fix my apartment unless I was there. I called Enid to be theere.

Sept 4 Rodney promised that Peter will come on Monday at 9:30. Peter did not show up.
Peter said he never heard about this and it is Labour Day.
Rodney today said that he never talked to Peter, just left him a message.
Rodney will find someone else to fix it

Sept 13 Lots of fighting and complaining to get him to fix the closet.
First he refused to come into the apartment without a supervisor.
Then he said I was supposed to call him with the code.

Lots of bull shit

Oct 1 Yet another flood. Turek will call the roofers. Peter tells me that the roofers
will not come for such a small job.

Oct 4 The roof is fixed - (nobody told me). he guanteed me it was fixed.
Now we are waiting for the plastering.

Oct 11 Still waiting for Peter to clean my closet

Nov 16 Closet is leaking again

Now they have installed a maisonite board

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