Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lots of renovations

Have not met with new owners, but they seem very professional and I have good feelings about them.

The lobby which was the nicest part of the building was gutted. I can only imagine the plans are to set a much higher level of standard of the new owners.

The garage has been closed for a month for major rejuvenation. They say it will take one month, but I bet it will be 3 to 6 months.


Stay tuned


Anonymous said...


Can you please tell me more about the problem. I'm renting now and i want to know if there will be any problems.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Can you post pictures of the renovations of the building now that we are in August 2012. I see the rent is high: 4 1/2 at 1700$ per month while the average in the area ranges between 1100$ and 1300$ for a 4 1/2. What was the rent before the renovations, and is it worth it now? Are there lots of vacant apartments?

Eric said...

Anyone at 5999 Monkland who faces north, and is higher than the ~8th floor want to participate in a science experiment? I want to get Wifi in the area, at 40 mbps+ .. want free Internet? Reach me at; your commitment is essentially nothing at all.

Anonymous said...

Don't waiste your money. Only if u ok with no hot water..loud construction noise..non functional elevators and a bunch of broken promises

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir, I knew the former manager of the building and I was in discussion to rent the one or both of the units next to your unit. Those two units were not renovated at the time. Later he told me property was going to be sold and he cannot rent it. I was wondering if you ever interested in discussing possibility of assigning your lease. Of course, we would come to a mutually acceptable agreement that it interesting for you as well. Please email me at; I will provide all my personal information and we can talk on the phone if you want once you can email me. I know in terms of penthouse, only your and your neighbor across from you is not renovated. Sincerely J.