Friday, August 06, 2004

Unknown inspector visited our apartments

We received a notice to leave our keys and permission to have an insurance inspector visit our apartments. The floowing fax was sent to Mr. Turek on Aug 6th, 2004, Mr. Turek never acknowledged our letter.

Mr. Turek

On July 20th there was a notice in the elevator telling the tenants that we had to make our apartments available for an insurance inspection.

In complying with this notice, my agent escorted someone into my apartment on July 20th with Mr. Asen Paskov.

My agent asked for a business card from the this inspector He did not have a business card but wrote down the name and phone number "Group HPGD 725 4306".

I have called this number and there is no service at 725 4306.

I have done some research and found that Group HPGD is a inspection company but they have no record of any inspection of 5999 Monkland.

This person visited every apartment in our building and we have no idea who he is. He did this with the blessing of the administration. On behalf of the tentant association, I demand you to identify who the inspector was and what was the purpose of this inspection.

I further hold the administration liable of any consequences of if this mispresentation.

I await your response to this matter

Allan Wong
on behalf of the 5999 Monkland Tenants Association

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